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I came :/

Pecheneg responds:

But why?

I'm telling mum

Perfect tenouttaten experience is what we have right here.

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A fun and interesting take on the genres involved, with some sexy cathartic spritework to boot.
A couple of interesting things, since I played enough of/got far enough in the game to notice them:
-It seems there's an upper limit to how many plants you can plant of each kind, as after a while whenever I right clicked with the seeds equipped the number would go down without the seed being planted. While it would be nice to be able to fill in the entire garden, I suppose it would be basically impossible without probably cheating somehow. Maybe if it were expanded into a co-op type thing this would be possible, but no pressure or anything.
-I got to level 100, and it seems you weren't expecting that, since the level counter told me I was at level 10. Also fair enough since getting to level 100 is pretty hard.
-I don't know if this applies to the...pumpkin...turnip...things, but the enemies that whack you with a log were able to go through walls when attacking, which I guess is what I get for trying to knock em to death while staying at the other side of a wall.
I feel like this could be expanded into a fun little party game, but as it is, and especially within the context of a game jam, it's a perfectly solid little romp. Good job.

I do like it, there's a lot of fun in the exploration and the writing's pretty good, though it's a bit obvious that English isn't your first language (or so I thought lmao), but that wouldn't deduct a star.
What will deduct a star are the glitches I found:
-The skeletons will sometimes throw bones from another room
-I saved in the Grotto of Malice and when I opened the game again it loaded my save but just gave me a blank screen
-The camera on one occasion went out of bounds but I think this has been fixed since I experienced it
And on top of that there's a fair few frustrating aspects:
-The way the camera is set up, while obviously being necessary for the way the game works, can lead to moments of major annoyance, such as stepping onto one screen then immediately running into an enemy I couldn't see and being knocked back to where I came from, or there being a heart on screen that I really want but I get knocked off by an enemy and it despawns.
-I personally feel like some of the enemies do a bit too much damage for the attacks they do. If there's a strongest example it's probably the wizard fellas doing like 3.5 or 4 hearts of damage for an attack that's not the easiest thing in the world to dodge, since you really only have the tiniest window in which to figure out where they're about to shoot.
-The final boss's second stage is so erratic and the amount of damage it can do in a tiny window is so high that I can say confidently that the only reason I was able to beat it at all was that all the projectiles flying about were causing the game to slow down.
Don't let these criticisms discourage you, though, it's still a solid game and I'm sure with more practise and with whatever lessons you may have learned making this one, you can pull off something great in future. Keep it up.

LeviRamirez responds:

Thank you for this amazing feedback! I'll defiantly keep this in mind when developing future games and I'm still glad you liked it!

But uh... English is my first and only language, I'm just kinda dumb :T

I don't know exactly what

ReferenceError: Error #1065
at Main$/enterVase()
at Char/enterBoxEnterFrame()
at Char/myEnterFrames()
at Char$/CharEnterFrames()
at Main/MainEnterFrame60()


TypeError: Error #1010
at Main/scrollInVase()
at Main/MainEnterFrame60()

are supposed to mean, but whenever I drop into a box, whether that be intentionally or otherwise, those two messages keep flashing intermittently on my screen. Other than that, though, fun times all around. I planned to get the full release when it was announced and I still do, just need to find the time to play it.

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Somehow I doubt it's illegal in Texas :/

TheGhostOfSevenSeize responds:

You're right

I never realised I was so intimidating.

bro hulk was played by mark ruffalo bro

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don't blow your head off please

Very nice. I enjoy the way the rope looks. Is it a taught sword arm or a taut one though?

jouste responds:

damn it. you are right lol. didn't notice that one and wrote it in a rush. Good eye.


Hey I remember this guy:
Some pretty noticeable changes here. New eye situation, a change in backpack, and he generally looks noticeably less mechanical. Good stuff, though (and this may be nostalgia of some sort) I personally prefer the previous iteration.

jouste responds:

yeah the last one has a lot more detail but took too long as I go for speed here. you have a great memory and thanks for bringing the classic up from the depths of time!

*nostalgic highfives

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